The Symbol of Moroccan Natural Beauty

Have you ever wondered why Moroccan women have fair, smooth skin under the harsh conditions of the Saharan sun?

Tradition and exquisite taste lie under the desert sun, and it is destiny that will give you what your skin truly wants and eagerly deserves.

Thus, it is with gladness that I introduce you to Asmara, your natural skin ally.

Asmara aims to protect and sustain your natural beauty using 100% natural products that came from plant extracts found in Morocco.

With the collective wisdom of thousand generations before us, my grandmother and I used these natural oils and products to achieve a fair, young-looking and fresh, bouncy skin.

Asmara is born with the desire to bring the pride of Morocco with you, along with its pristine, beautiful lands, warm-hearted people, and secrets to everlasting beauty.

Asmara is the voice of the artisans making the oils – the same artisans that use this collective wisdom to keep the quality of these oils for generations to come. Asmara is the pride of Moroccan women worldwide.

As I am, Asmara it is.

Feel the flow of natural beauty that radiance elegance from within.

Be indulged with the perfect combinations of Asmara.

  • • 100% Natural

    • Not Tested on Animal

  • • Made in Morocco

    • Recyclable Containers

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